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The Language Of Dogs

Feb 24, 2020

Dogs exhibit unwanted behaviors in reaction to all sorts of stimulus. Barking, lunging or fear of dogs, kids, skateboards,  vacuums, loud noises etc. Sometimes they are hyperactive when company comes over or act weird around your new baby. 

Justin and kristen answer listener questions to explain the effective art of...

Feb 17, 2020

Hey dog mommas and poppas. In this delicious episode Justin and Kristen are joined by Alan Krous, owner of the boutique New York pet shop The Barking Zoo. Alan has been Justin's go to guy for over 15 years on dogs nutritional needs. His wealth of knowledge has been vital for Justin's dogs, his clients dogs and many of...

Feb 10, 2020

Justin and Kristen discuss how we can communicate better with our dogs. They answer listener questions about dogs who are afraid to go down stairs, what tail wags mean, why dogs lick us, food aggression, when it's the right time to get a dog & what to do when puppies cry and bark at night.
Plus Justin's background as...