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The Language Of Dogs

Apr 30, 2020

Hey dog mommas & poppas.
This week Justin and Kristen discuss many forms of dog anxiety and provide practice tips to help them chill the hell out.  If your dog suffers from compulsive licking and barking. Has fear of strangers, loud noises, car rides or other animals. Freezing up when you go on walks. Odd obsessions...

Apr 13, 2020

Hey dog Mommas & Poppas,

Listen in to another live Q & A with Justin and listeners. Quarantine certainly isn't fun but there are some positives- The shelters are less crowded as most the dogs are in foster care. You have been spending lots of quality time with your dogs and if your single, they are most likely a great...

Apr 5, 2020

Hey dog peeps,

While the quarantine is in full effect our pooches are getting all the snuggle and play time they can handle. I'm sure no one on 2 or 4 legs is complaining about this. Especially all those shelter dogs who landed in plush foster homes. So, to help you along with that dog training you finally have the time...