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The Language Of Dogs

Apr 5, 2020

Hey dog peeps,

While the quarantine is in full effect our pooches are getting all the snuggle and play time they can handle. I'm sure no one on 2 or 4 legs is complaining about this. Especially all those shelter dogs who landed in plush foster homes. So, to help you along with that dog training you finally have the time to work on, the new pooch in you scooped up from the shelter or the separation anxiety that's developing from the 24/7 attention Fido's finally feeling- I'll be doing as many LIVE FEED DOG Q & A's as ya'll can handle. 

For visual demonstrations, product reviews or to ask a question about your pooch, that I'll answer on pod or privately, check out 

& please follow along at 


(PS please excuse the audio quality as I figure out the best way to answer all your questions conveniently)